National Hobby Month happens every January, just as the new year starts. Everyone has a hobby or interest, or something they enjoy doing in their leisure time. Open up the new year with this national month celebration and see if there’s something else in the world that might interest you. #NationalHobbyMonth

Fishing Hobby

Taking interest in a hobby can have great benefits at any age. Hobbies can be educational, entertaining, or offer a welcome distraction from the anxieties of work and life. Once we reach retirement age, however, hobbies can take on an entirely new role altogether.

In addition to being a productive way to occupy your free time, hobbies can also keep you connected to a community. Participating in regular activities can help to relieve stress, prevent loneliness, and even have a positive effect on your health.

Photography Hobby

We need hobbies because of how it can benefit us. It can relieve stress, challenge your brain, allow you to leave a legacy, or help you make a little extra cash on the side.

It can also provide an experience for you that is all about you.

You give your time, money and effort to everyone else.

Having a hobby is your opportunity to do something that will bring you joy and charge your battery!

Ways to participate for National Hobby Month:


  • Pick a new hobby to try as a family.
  • Learn about the hobbies of other family members.
  • Give an honest try to a hobby you’ve never considered before.
  • Ask your family what hobbies they have always wanted to try.
  • Try to take your hobby from spare time to a career.
National Hobby Month

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